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I am finding that keeping track and posting on face book pages Amy Maria Kid Mohair, Margaret Richardson, our accommodation page ‘Beds in Beautiful Browns Bay’, face book page Crafters without Borders, and our growing and I think important face book Group Crafters without Borders is taking up more of my time than I can spare.

What if I were to post on this Blog so that Members can view whatever comes up.
I would like input please Members. Let me know if you think this would work for you.
NB We also have Members who are not on face book. They have to email me personally. This way they could keep in touch without a problem.

Instead of posting news re my mohair business, crafters without borders etc, all separately, below is what I am thinking might work. I’ll keep blogging about craft markets and discuss any issues members might have but try to have a specific subject each time.

SUNDAY 14TH SEPTEMBER 2014. Had to miss my craft market. Husband Jim has injured this back and is

Hello Everyone. Let’s start a discussion of an aspect of small business that is very neglected. i.e. keeping records. Most of us, myself included, are so wrapped up in our creative work that we begrudge time spent keeping books.
The fact of the matter is that our bookkeeping is so important. If we don’t cost properly and keep up to date on our in-comings and outgoings we are not likely to succeed. The bookkeeping system I am investigating called Cash Book could be the answer. I have approached my own bank about QIF (whatever QIF stands for) files that would enable us to post our bank statements directly into Cash Book without having to transfer all that data by hand!! I was advised to call at my local branch to be taught all about it and will do so asap. Keeping the bank statements reconciled is the answer for me. For every day I keep a cash recd/cash paid out notebook (with pencil attached). I record all money paid out in cash, all sales on the markets and WHEN I have enough money I deposit takings into the bank account from this. Very simple. Works for me. I hate the hassle of writing the data from the bank statements by hand so once I have mastered the QIF files I’ll Blog about it here.

Cash Books Kris told me that we will be able to keep a simple set of books that could be handed to an Accountant at the end of our financial years for IT purposes!!! Sounds great. Roll on the day when we need an Accountant. In the meantime we will manage our business accounts.

I had been using my personal bank account for Amy Maria Kid Mohair and also for Beds in Beautiful Browns Bay. My bank divided the same account into different accounts for me. Very easy to manage. Same number so I can see all balances etc with one call.

Another Innovation. My bank has what they call a PayClip service. A small gadget (the Pay Clip) fits into the top of an iphone. Customers can pay for purchases using a Visa, Master Card or Debit Card.
In New Zealand what is known as Eftpos is the norm. My bank has assured me that Pay Clip will be able to handle Eftpos cards before Christmas this year. Very good news as I have found that while every customer I have had who wanted to pay by card had Eftpos, many do not have Visa or MasterCard.
Members in other countries. Please comment. Do you have this sort of banking facility?

That’s all from Admin. Have a great week. Keep your images and posts coming on face book Crafters without Borders.