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We have been thinking about the basics of running our businesses.

This what Mel our other Admin had to say and I think sums it up:

“You could start a discussion called “small business 101″ and list the things that are important to get right from the beginning and why… E.g book keeping is important to get right from the beginning so you can ensure you’re getting the best value out of your products, making the most profit you can and it’s important to take time in the beginning to set up your book keeping skills, so they become second nature when your business takes off, rather than having to spend precious time later to make sure your books are in order. Correct and up to date book keeping will ensure you have a clear resource to cross reference when you find a new supplier – you can easily see if they would be cheaper to go with

Then ask others to comment/agree/disagree and add other things they think are important and why… You could make a little booklet of all the ideas as a resources for all to use.”

Well said Melissa.

Cash Books Kris told me (Margaret) that if we use the free version of Cash Book we will be able to keep a simple set of books that could be handed to an Accountant at the end of our financial years for IT purposes!!! Sounds great. Roll on the day when we need an Accountant.
I am going to investigate Cash Books system and will Blog about my findings.

I have made a few changes. I had been using my personal bank account for Amy Maria Kid Mohair and also for Beds in Beautiful Browns Bay which meant all our personal debits and credits were mixed up with the business entries.
My bank divided the same account into different accounts for me. Very easy to manage. Same number so I can see all balances etc with one call.

Another Innovation. My bank has what they call a PayClip service. A small gadget (the Pay Clip) fits into the top of an iphone. Customers can pay for purchases using a Visa, Master Card or Debit Card.
In New Zealand what is known as Eftpos is the norm. My bank has assured me that Pay Clip will be able to handle Eftpos cards before Christmas this year. Very good news as I have found that while every customer I have had who wanted to pay by card had Eftpos, many do not have Visa or MasterCard.
Members in other countries. Please comment. Do you have this sort of banking facility?

That’s all from Admin. Have a great week. Keep your images and posts coming on face book Crafters without Borders. That page is a great way for all of us to get to know one another and to keep in touch.